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Is There Reason For You to Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?

People generally believe that taking vitamin and mineral supplements is one of the ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. While this is a great way to boost your health, recent studies have shown that taking some of these supplements might cause more harm than good. They have the most benefits for people with specific nutritional needs that have been advised by their doctors to take them daily. The supplements might increase the risk of health problems for people who take them as an “insurance policy” for poor eating habits. You should see your doctor before deciding to start or continue taking vitamin and mineral supplements. This way, you avoid the risk of more health problems or the supplements interfering with any medication you might be taking.

Taking more supplements doesn’t necessarily mean you get more health benefits. Research has suggested that taking iron supplements for healthy people increases the risk of death. This does not go to show that iron is bad for you. People with anemia, for instance, need these supplements the most. Additionally, research suggests that taking excessive vitamin E supplements can be associated with increased risk of heart failure and death. Taking excessive B-6 supplements may also cause nerve pain and seizures. Get advice from your doctor regarding potential benefits and risks of vitamin and mineral supplements before taking them.

You should not perceive supplements as some form of magic trick. A well-balanced diet beats all sorts of vitamin and mineral supplements. Working on your eating habits is a better way to improve your health than taking supplements. Dietary supplements are less beneficial compared to nutrient-rich whole foods. Whole foods contain multiple micronutrients which are very useful to your body, and they are a great source of dietary fiber, which lessens the risk of many health conditions. For healthier eating habits, it’s wise to consult a registered dietician.

Before taking vitamin and mineral supplements, you should ask yourself if you really need extra nutrients. A well-balanced diet is a great source of all the nutrients your body needs. There are people with specific nutritional needs that cannot be met by the diet only. Doctors normally recommend taking specific vitamin and mineral supplements to these people. Vitamin B-12 supplements, for instance, are helpful to adults over the age of 50. Folic acid supplements are another example of important supplements that are prescribed to women who are pregnant or planning to have a baby. If you belong to any of the groups, it would be wise to see your doctor for any recommendation on the supplements that will be beneficial to you.
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