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The Total Guide for Freshmen Students

Most freshmen in the college will be living in the college dorms. Taking this step for the first time can be overwhelming. Going to college as a freshman is hard enough and living in a dorm will throw you curve balls. Fortune favors a prepared mind so make a checklist. The move can be stress-free and easy if you know what you need in advance. The guys you will be sharing the dorm with will be essential to a smooth transition. Have all the essentials that you will need as priorities on your checklist. Make sure not to over-pack and make the room to congested. this site will help you in making the move easier for you. You can read more here to find out how you can make the move smooth.

Moving boxes are the first thing to put down. You will need the boxes to move into the dorm. When you buy this product and buy the best you can be able to reuse them for the day you are moving your things from the dorm. this company that sell used boxes will be able to provide you with the best boxes. Buy a big box and choose one that is strong so that it will serve you for a while. Shops that sell used boxes are all over so you will not have to look so long. You can always sell the boxes back to the used shop if you do not want to use them again. If they are in good condition you can have the shop recycle the boxes for you.

Put into consideration the organization of the closet. Research about how the dorm room is laid out and the kind of furniture that is in the dorm. Some dorm rooms will have closets or drawers that will help you to organize your clothes. If there are closets you will need hangers to hang your clothes. Take advantage of the furniture that is already in the dorm to organize your clothes. Some organizational tools will come in handy when you are moving into the room. You can purchase an over the door shoe organizer to help in the organization of your dorm room. Getting a bed riser is a very good option when it comes to organization.

The third thing is the kitchen stuff. In this area, you will need to consult your roomies. Ensure you purchase a reusable water bottle. This is an easy and free way to keep yourself hydrated. Having a mini-fridge in the dorm is ideal for snacks. Get some dorm friendly snacks early in advance for the mini-fridge.

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